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“Not only is composting extremely simple, but it gave me a better insight of the simple ways to help the environment. I found that 90% of my trash was compostable. There is research going on constantly counting down the days until the Earth might be unlivable. Start doing your part, and composting is the simplest way to make an impact.”
— Lauren Connelly, Compost House Member


COMpost House Services

Compost House provides a variety of services to meet everyone's composting needs.  Please select your desired service below to learn more.

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Door Step Collection

In our doorstep collection program you will receive two 5-gallon collection buckets to fill up weekly or with your compostable waste.  We will collect them from your home, provide clean buckets weekly or bi-weekly, and return to you 10 gallons of finished compost monthly upon request.                                                   

Starting at $24.00/month for weekly

Starting at $16.00/month for bi-weekly

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Compost Drop-Off

In our drop-off site collection program you will receive one 5-gallon collection bucket to fill up weekly with your compostable waste.  You then take it to one of our many drop-off locations where we will collect the material and turn it into compost.  We return to you 10 gallons of finished compost monthly to the drop-off site of your choice upon request.

Starting at $14.00/month


Cafe and Office collection

In our cafe and office collection program you will receive either five 5-gallon collection buckets or one 13 gallon collection can for your employees to fill.  We will then come into your place of business and collect the compostable waste weekly.  If your place of business has a garden we can provide you with 10 gallons of compost monthly.

Starting at $22.25/week




the faces of Compost house

Mimi & Kirby exploring the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Mimi & Kirby exploring the Swamp Rabbit Trail

The family from seattle 

“I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until I couldn’t do it anymore.” Mimi explains as she talks about her path to recycling and the role being conscious of the environment plays in her daily life now. Mimi and her husband, Andy, recently moved to the Simpsonville area from Seattle, Washington. Life in the South has its charm, but recycling here is very different from what Mimi and Andy were used to in the Seattle area where they had been recyclers for 28 years. “It was killing me not to contribute our food and yard waste for composting here. I was so happy that I happened to read an article in the paper about Compost House.”

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I love using Compost House services!  Although I don’t cook as often as I once did, I still find that I generate a lot of food and paper waste.  The more I compost, the more ways I find to compost!  I love knowing that peelings, seeds, pits, other unused parts of vegetables, spoiled produce and food scraps can go right into my compost bucket.  My grandchildren and I get frozen custard every week and we’re now composting those waxed cups!  Between recycling and composting, I’m only putting one bag of garbage out for pickup every three weeks.    I’m downtown often, and the downtown drop off is very handy.  - Joyce H.